COVID-19: Dentistry and the new Coronavirus

COVID-19 Introduction Coronavirus disease 2019, which is also known as COVID-19, developed in November 2019 in the city of Wuhan that has rapidly become a worldwide global emergency. The World Health Organization (WHO) had declared it a global pandemic. The main pathogen which is causing the infection is called the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus … Read more

Coronavirus cure is not far away now

India has crossed over 18000 cases and also seen a large number of recoveries which is heartning. Many countries including India meanwhile have extended their lockdowns till 3rd of May 2020.WHO has given strategies to lift many different restrictions and increase testing for different countries including India. The age of COVID 19 is about 4 … Read more

Hydroxychloroquine and treatment of coronavirus (COVID-19)

Hydroxychloroquine 200 mg What is this medicine? Hydroxychloroquine is the medicine that is creating headlines all over the world especially in USA , Europe and India also. Hydroxychloroquine is the first approved for treating malaria caused by a parasite. It has a very similar structure to that of chloroquine. This drug was first approved by … Read more

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