Coronavirus cure is not far away now

Coronavirus cure
India has crossed over 18000 cases and also seen a large number of recoveries which is heartning.

Many countries including India meanwhile have extended their lockdowns till 3rd of May 2020.WHO has given strategies to lift many different restrictions and increase testing for different countries including India.

The age of COVID 19 is about 4 months. India has got cases over 18000 as of now and more than 1 lakh people in the world are affected from COVID 19.The condition of USA,Spain,Italy are worsening day by day.But there is a good side to it.There are a lot of people who have recovered from this deadly virus and very soon there will be a coronavirus cure for this deadly virus.

In this blog I will be discussing about the possible therapies which are under the pipe lines for the possible treatment or cure of COVID 19.

Plasma therapy

The treatment of plasma therapy is to transfuse blood of the Covid 19 recovered patient to the Covid 19 positive patient for the possible cure.
States like Maharashtra have already approached ICMR to officially start clinical trials on patients with COVID 19 which can be very beneficial till the vaccine comes.

Immunity boosting

We all should try to boost our immunity.We can use garlic,onions,vit c,Vit B12, turmeric powder to boost immunity. Turmeric has got an ingredient called curcumin which has anti inflammatory property which can be beneficial for fighting against this deadly virus.

Use of ashwagandha

The interdisciplinary ayush research and development task force said that ashwagandha can be an effective medicine to fight against COVID 19. It helps in boosting the immune system to fight against this virus.It is very much useful for the treatment of medically compromised patients with chronic diseases.

BCG vaccine trials

BCG vaccine is the vaccine used for tuberculosis.They are on clinical trials now for treatment of COVID 19 patients. It will begin in 2 weeks from now in Maharashtra. If this trial works then it can open the door for a new cure for this deadly disease.

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