Coronavirus the pandemic of the world

Picture of coronavirus

Deadly coronavirus
Deadly  virus

Here are a few tips to protect yourself from this deadly virus

Coronavirus has already taken around 7000 lives in the world.
This is a message to all my near and dear ones and also every one
1.Try to stay in the sun –Coronavirus incubation temperature is 26 -27 degrees Celsius. So at a higher temperature above 30 degrees, the chances of survival are very less. That’s why they are causing pandemics in cold countries.
2.Always wash hands with soap, hand sanitizer, or with alcohol content sanitizer-because it is seen coronavirus stains are highly reactive to alcohol content sanitizer.
3.Try to avoid air-conditioning-As air conditioner reduces heat it will increase the chances for incubation.
4.Avoid touching masks while wearing-Coronavirus can enter you through the nose and mouth so avoid touching those parts of the body.
5.Humidity-Coronavirus is afraid of humidity. So try to be in a humid environment.
6.Last but not least pls don’t get nervous we all hope when summer will come this virus pandemic will go away…….. 

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