Eco Gloves ,Fight Germs,Stay Healthy and Clean.

Eco Gloves Fight Bacteria
Eco Gloves Fight Bacteria


Eco Gloves Fight Bacteria. Stay Healthy and Clean. A Style Task Avoid the spread of bacteria and infections with separately jam-packed eco friendly gloves that you can take on the go! Reward for Backer Club Members You’re one action far from getting an awesome Backer Club special perk on this project! Join as a member and make a pledge.
Once you buy Eco Gloves, you’ll have access to the Eco Gloves Neighborhood. This is where you can ask questions, share answers, resources, tip and tricks, and most importantly, assistance and motivate each other on this existing journey.
Eco gloves,Fight germs


Prevent the spread of bacteria and corona virus with individually packed environmentally friendly gloves that you can handle the go! by Eco Gloves backers last updated 2 months back.

Decomposition by living organisms Bio degradation is the breakdown of natural matter by bacteria, such as germs and fungi. The procedure of bio degradation can be divided into 3 stages: bio deterioration, bio fragmentation, and assimilation. Bio deterioration is sometimes explained as a surface-level degradation that customizes the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of the material.Overall this is good for your health.

Examples of artificial polymers that biodegrade quickly include poly caprolactone, other polyesters and aromatic aliphatic esters, due to their ester bonds being prone to attack by water. A popular example is poly-3-hydroxybutyrate, the renewably obtained polylactic acid. Others are the cellulose-based cellulose acetate and celluloid (cellulose nitrate). Under low oxygen conditions plastics break down more gradually.

eco gloves,fight germs


Advantages of Eco gloves

  • 100% Compostable
  •  Food Grade Compliant
  • Individually packed
  • Thick & Durable.
  •  Extra long
  • Fight  against germs like virus,bacteria and corona virus.
Uses of gloves
  • Open Door Handles

    The perfect safety and protective gloves that are single-use, clear, and high quality. They’re as great a disposable glove as they are a household glove.

  • Shopping at the Grocery Store

    There are things in life you just don’t want to touch. Eco Gloves also make great dog poop bags, first aid gloves, gardening gloves, and trash gloves.

  • Touching Public Machines

    Eco Gloves are one size fits all clear gloves that are powder free and perfect for on-the-go. They make great cleaning gloves for overall good health and safety.

  • Eating Take-Out Food

    Eco Gloves are great as food gloves, food prep gloves, and also sanitary gloves when handling a meal that’s been touching other’s dirty hands. Stay safe and clean anywhere, anytime.

  • Eco Gloves,Fight germs

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