Did you know that you can burn 100 calories quickly with fun daily activities? There is no need to go to the gym or sweat. You can lose weight with fun mini-sessions that cut calories and keep your daily schedule on track.

Some of these 100-calorie exercises take only a few minutes and others take a little longer. But you won’t have to change your workout clothes, go to the health club or take a shower afterwards. Therefore, it is easy to incorporate them into your daily routine.

When calculating total calorie consumption during the day, remember that a 90 kg woman burns about 10 calories when sitting in silence. If you choose to exercise 100 calories, you burn an additional 90 calories, not 100. But each of these activities also offers other health benefits, such as increased strength, flexibility and arousal. Do several during the day to burn 200, 300 or even 500 additional calories.

Fun tip

Keep a 100-calorie training pot on the kitchen counter or work table. Keep these and other easy exercise ideas on pieces of paper in the jar. Encourage co-workers, friends or family to slide and complete a workout two or three times during the day to promote healthy movements and weight loss throughout the day.

There is always a ladder nearby at work, at home or even in a hotel when traveling. Go up the stairs for just ten minutes to burn 100 calories. You will also build strong and sexy legs. Climbing helps to shape the muscles of the lower body. Going down the stairs also has advantages!

Too exhausted for a vigorous movement? No problem! If you stretch and relax or do an easy yoga exercise for 30 minutes, you burn approximately 100 calories.1 In addition, it helps increase the range of motion in your joints, decreases stress, and can improve the quality of your movements. Your sleep. If you don’t know which stretching exercises to do, look for free or cheap online training.

When was the last time you picked up a shovel and played ping pong? If you only play for 20 minutes, you will burn about 100 calories. It will also improve your eye-hand coordination. Choose a talented opponent and you will burn even more calories. A vigorous game of table tennis can be a difficult aerobic exercise.

There are those days when you just need to complete office tasks. You don’t have time to climb the stairs or have lunch to burn calories. It’s good. Office work also burns calories. An hour of work in the office burns about 100 calories. Do you need to burn some more? Get up while you work, put away the trash, or take quick breaks to increase movement.

So how many extra calories will you burn when you get up instead of sitting at the table? Burn about 10 extra calories every 10 minutes while standing, instead of sitting at the table. And the good news is that you don’t need a sophisticated office to have fun. Ask your colleagues if you can hold meetings in a quiet place, not in the conference room. Or, better yet, join the meeting wherever you are and solve problems in the workplace while you’re walking.

When your mind interferes with an exercise routine

If you really want to lose weight and burn 100 calories quickly, you will skip the rope. You only need to jump for seven minutes to eliminate 100 calories. You will also improve coordination and strengthen leg strength at the same time.

Can’t you jump for a good seven minutes? Go for it. Keep a skipping rope handy in your kitchen or office to practice and build up resistance. You will burn additional calories while learning.

If your friends like to go to happy hour or eat out when they get together, change the plan to burn more calories. Go dancing with your friends to burn extra calories. Thirty minutes of casual dance burns about 165 calories.1 But the benefits don’t end there. If you choose a nightclub instead of eating out, skip the restaurant’s caloric food and create a calorie deficit to lose weight even faster.

Do you have a house to clean? Believe it or not, household chores can be an effective exercise session. Standard house cleaning burns about 100 calories in thirty minutes. Do you need to burn some more? Change your tasks to burn more calories when you clean up. Simple tasks like vacuuming and dusting can be changed to exercises that shape a rigid body.

Who needs an excuse to leave? Put on your hiking boots and head to the hills to burn 100 calories in just 15 minutes. Walking burns more calories than walking due to the difference in terrain. When climbing a hill or on unstable trails, the leg muscles must work harder to move and the core muscles must work to stabilize. The result? An increase in the amount of calories burned.

If you are at home with children during the day, work with them to help them lose weight. Children’s games like kickball or tag burn mega calories. These activities are basically high-intensity interval exercises and also make your children happy. A 15-minute game burns 100 calories and creates a special bond with your loved ones.

If you have access to smooth trails along a beach or town, why not see the inline skating view? Rent a pair or dust your old blades, cushions and safety equipment. You don’t even have to be professional. An easy skating session for beginners burns 100 calories in just ten minutes.

The easiest way to burn 100 calories quickly is to run. And you don’t have to be a marathon runner or speed fan to get rid of fat. Run 10 miles for 10 minutes to burn 100 calories. If you’re not ready to run a mile, try running / walking intervals to increase endurance and burn fat.

Do you have a green thumb? Put it to work to lose weight! Gardening burns about 100 calories every 25 minutes you spend digging, weeding and planting. The added bonus is that you enjoy the outdoors while creating a beautiful garden and perhaps even healthy vegetables.

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