Which high heel boots are best?

Which high heel boots are best? Kangoo Jumps? Aerower? Bouncy boots? It is a question that is asked so often that we think it deserves a blog post to fully answer the question.


Although there are currently many brands of bounce boots on the market, only three brands can be serious candidates for comparison in this test. There are no “fake boots”, as some claim, but some brands should be dismissed as cheap, poor quality imitations. We will limit this comparison to the 3 best brands currently available.

These three brands are Kangoo Jumps, Bounce Boots and Aerower. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Although by no means “the original”, as they claim, Kangoo Jumps was the first of these three brands to become internationally known, recently followed by Aerower and Bounce Boots. We will objectively examine each of these brands and provide a score based on the quality, comfort, service life of the springs (the parts that need to be replaced more often), to what extent the boots can be customized to suit the weight / athletic ability of each person and general rebound experience. The quality score is divided into two parts: the overall quality and the quality of the recovery system (including shells and springs)

* Note: Kangoo Jumps, Aerower and Bounce apply different terminology to tanks and springs:

  1. Kangoo heels: T-springs, shells
  2. Heel boots: heel straps, heel blades
  3. Aerower: multi-bands, arches

For the sake of simplicity, we will keep the terminology of Kangoo Jumps, because that is what most people call these parts.

The scoring system used is as follows:

1: bottom

2: neutral

3: excellent


The price was too complex to add to the score because the companies’ pricing models differ too much. Aerower bases prices on the strength of the recovery system, Bounce Boots and Kangoo Jumps use the same price for all models. The following table shows the recommended retail price of the boots by company, grouped by the strength of the recovery system. The three brands have “special” models that are more expensive, we use only the prices of the standard models. Shipping prices are not included. Lower prices due to the strength of the recovery are shown in green.


So, which heel boots are better? The undisputed winner is Aerower (17), with Bounce (13) in second place, followed by Kangoo Jumps (9). Although it is sad for Kangoo Jumps to occupy the last place after many years leading the market, they suffer this impact mainly due to uneven quality and lesser recovery experience. As one person said, “After wearing bouncy boots for a while, I put on my Kangoo Jumps and felt like I was jumping on bricks instead of on springs”.

An advice for owners of Kangoo Jumps who are disappointed after reading this: think of a hybrid boot. Enhance your Kangoo heels with Aerower springs (or better yet, a complete Aerower hull and spring recovery system) and Bounce Boots linings. Instantly, your Kangoo Jumps boots will have a superior rebound experience and a very comfortable fit! Brand compatibility is another story and, in another blog post, we focused on how to update your boots using a better recovery system on existing boots.

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