When you open the training toolkit every week of the year, you have an endless variety of movements available. Knowing what the best tools are for building broad, fat backs can help you get the job done faster, which is why we have compiled our list of the top 10 back exercises for building mass.

Although comparative face-to-face research in this area is somewhat limited, we have selected the following 10 exercises based on factors such as the available literature, how difficult each movement is, how much muscle each stimulates and how uniquely each exercise is compared to others. This list also helps you find out where to put each exercise in your workout.

If you are impressed by the large number of lines you can make in the past or are completely empty when creating new exercises to try, consider this list as your new background.

But remember, choosing great moves is just part of building a huge lap. Your overall program is just as important! To see these moves in action, check out the Bodybuilding.com BodyFit Elite bodybuilding training plans, where there are great workouts from Kris Gethin, Jim Stoppani and dozens of other elite athletes and coaches.

1. Barbell Deadlift
Why it’s on the list: technically, this is more than a back exercise – it reaches the entire back chain, from calves to top drops – but it is definitely the best for general back development. The technique is very important in deadlift, but after fixing it, you can continue lifting weights from monsters that recruit as much muscle, release muscle building hormones and help you grow.

There are also several deadlift progression programs that you can follow to help you obtain new personal records. Physiologists like to prescribe deadlifts in strength and conditioning programming, because exercise pounds your muscles and is one of the best options for strengthening your bone structure.

There are also several deadlift progression programs that you can follow to help you obtain new personal records.

Stick to the conventional deadlift the day before; other variations, such as the popular sumo style, increase the activity of other muscle groups besides the back.

During training: if you are heavy (sets with less than 6 repetitions), do deadlifts first to keep you cool. If you die for the reps, you can do them later in your training.

2. Folded bar line
Why it’s on the list: This is probably the second best move back in terms of the total weight you can lift. EMG research has suggested that hitting rows of bent dumbbells will also work on the upper and lower back muscle groups, making you a great general back builder. [2] Like deadlift, this is another technical move that requires excellent form, but rewards you with a ton of muscle.

During training: do curved lines at the beginning of training with your back to heavy sets at lower repetition intervals, about 6-8 or 8-10. The Smith version is a suitable replacement; locks you in the vertical plane, but your body must be exactly in the correct position in relation to the beam. The curved line of the bar has a significantly higher lumbar load than many other exercises on the back, so it is best to do it at the beginning of the workout to save the lower back. [2] If you were destroyed by deadlifts, you may have to skip this move.

3. Pull-up with wide handle
Why it’s on the list: It’s always a good idea to have a pull up on your back routine, and the pull is one of the best. High-grip push-ups are excellent for emphasizing upper cans. A narrower jaw may allow for a greater range of motion, but it may be possible to load the larger jaw due to an optimized position of the initial joint. The biggest challenge here for most coaches is to train to fail in the correct range of repetitions for growth, which is 8 to 12.

If you do push-ups at the beginning of your workout, you may need to add a weight belt. If you find them difficult, of course you can always use an assisted pull-up machine or a good observer, or switch to the high-grip pull-down, which is a solid substitute. If your shoulders are healthy, it is good to pull back from your head.

Fitness is extremely important here. In the starting position, the scapula must be retracted – pull the scapulae down and together – before starting to pull.

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