For a wider, wider and wider three-dimensional chest, move away from the compound movements you know (and use a lot) and intensify yourself with advanced isolation training – movements that target the deep chest muscles.

This training gets the points right – without the bells and whistles of other unconventional pec movements. Do the job and he will put the finishing touches on his upper body.

Your typical program consists of a large, compound exercise or exercise, followed by exercise or isolation exercise. For this specific approach, relax on the big elevators and fold on the smaller ones. Isolation exercises are a great way to hyper-focus and enlarge a particular muscle, and to explore smaller, more discrete muscle fibers.

For 2-3 weeks, attach a large muscle group (legs, back, chest) to a smaller muscle group (shoulders, arms, abdomen) or push and pull. Shoot for 1 day between workouts. Return to your normal schedule after 2-3 weeks. Rest for 30 seconds or less between sets.

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