At the end of another year, it is time to reflect on the achievements and setbacks of recent years. What was your proudest moment in 2016? Was there anything you hoped to accomplish, but didn’t stand a chance? Is there anything you could have done better? Where was your biggest growth area? Thinking about the past year gives us the opportunity to prepare for the new year with a better sense of direction. Yes, it is the time of year to set new goals. It’s time to create your New Year’s resolution.

Last year, in an effort to improve my physical and mental health, I decided to practice more yoga. Yoga is known to have several health benefits; It improves flexibility, increases muscle strength and stimulates the immune system. Yoga can also reduce stress and improve feelings of inner peace. Most people think that the ability to touch their toes is a prerequisite for practicing yoga. It is a complete mistake. Gaiam, a yoga and fitness retailer, believes that “the practice of yoga allows students to find calm in a world devoured by chaos. The peace and tranquility gained through targeted training attracts everyone. ”

Experts also say that practicing yoga can have a positive effect on productivity at work. Why? This is because yoga is not just an exercise; It is a lifestyle that benefits both body and mind. You can make your work less stressful and more productive by adopting a yogi’s mentality and incorporating these skills into your life:

  1. Discipline

While excellence in yoga requires physical and mental commitment to unroll your mat regularly, self-discipline is crucial to success at work, especially if you work from home. The hardest part comes and starts. Set goals and create a daily routine to eliminate distraction, increase motivation and improve productivity.

  1. Mindfulness

Do you usually get distracted? Are you using your time efficiently? Yogis will say that mindfulness is at the heart of the practice. Ask yourself these questions regularly to help you stay productive and reduce stress when work pressure increases. Checking with you regularly will increase your self-awareness and provide more clarity and insight in decision making.

One of the best things about mindfulness practice is that it can be done anywhere. Try to cut 10 minutes out of your day to do nothing but breathe. Lately, I’ve been practicing meditation using an app called Headspace, which offers guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training. I encourage you to try it; Headspace offers a 10-day free trial for new users.

  1. Posture

One of the biggest benefits of yoga is improving posture. Studies have shown that practicing yoga not only increases body awareness, it also increases the spine and strengthens the heart. If you sit behind a desk for 8 hours a day, you will probably find yourself bending over the keyboard from time to time. But by practicing yoga regularly, you can train your body to maintain a correct position, while improving your overall back health.

  1. Nutrition

Practicing yoga is not just exercising; it is about incorporating a generally healthy lifestyle. Yoga and nutrition go hand in hand. But maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is not just part of the life of yoga. This must be a fundamental part of everyone’s life. Unfortunately, though, nutrition often falls into the background. If you study or work from home, it’s easy to get carried away by unhealthy habits and unnecessary snacks. A balanced diet will not only improve your yoga practice, but will also add full value to your life, leaving you with more energy and less stress.

It is a simple fact that yoga can bring real added value to your life. The adoption of the basic principles of yoga in your daily life can affect your personal and professional performance, leaving you more energetic, focused and productive. With an impending new year, now is the perfect time to improve your health and well-being.

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