How to increase self-motivation

It is not enough to wait for inspiration to boost your progress. It doesn’t have to be something that happens to you, it can be something that you create.

All progress and self-motivation begin with action.

One action will lead to another.

Action and achievements will create better results and new experiences for you.

When my coaching clients feel stuck and overwhelmed, I get them to start taking action. To be fired. To do something specific.

If you want to increase self-motivation, commit to achieving something specific every day.

Even if you are doing something for just 5 minutes, it is often that little push that is enough to get you started and increase motivation.

Limit your task list to increase motivation

If you focus on a small number of things to create the change you want, it can have a dramatic effect on your business and life motivation.

Here are seven powerful ways to boost motivation and energy right now to make the leap you need when you feel a little overwhelmed or paralyzed:

  1. Increase motivation by simplifying

By creatively planning your life, it allows you to simplify.

Delegating and eliminating activities that do not motivate or excite you ensures that you maximize your time and focus your energy on achieving your goals.

It is really difficult to keep yourself motivated when your mind is confused and full of all the projects and tasks you need to do.

Transform complexity into simplicity, doing less.

Doing less and focusing on the things you love will help increase motivation.

If you can simplify, you can eliminate the unnecessary.

When you do, your life will be more focused. And more concentration leads to greater motivation.

What areas of your life could you simplify?

Combine your small tasks

One way to do this is to combine tasks. Think of two things you want to do and see how you can combine them into one activity.

Author Marilyn Vos Savant takes this stage forward in her book Brain Building in just 12 weeks.

He recommends that we make a list of all the small tasks that need to be done, for example, during a day or a weekend and then perform them one after the other.

Basically, he merges many smaller tasks into one task and completes them all together.

So, instead of running one task on one day and another task on another day, it becomes a focused blitz to complete many small things together.

This frees up our time, gives us a sense of accomplishment, which helps to increase motivation.

  1. Focus on your achievements

One of the things that reduces motivation and causes procrastination is that we measure our success not how far we have come, but how far we are from our dreams and ideals.

If we can change our mindset and become more aware of how our brain works, we can prepare for a motivational boost.

We often feel bad when we use our brains to solve problems, visualize, achieve and measure our progress.

If you speak in detail and not in general, there is an opportunity to feel more happy and more energetic.

One way to do this is to start training your brain to measure details, which ground your feelings in reality and can increase motivation.

Increase motivation by celebrating success

Instead of focusing on your ideal, think of what you have achieved from a specific starting point.

If your goal is to lose 14 pounds in the next 6 months and you lost 3 pounds in the first 3 months, you have two options.

You can focus on the fact that you are still 11 pounds from your goal or….

Focus on the fact that you have lost 3 pounds since you started.

A second option that converts into an event is success and a motivation to concentrate on yourself to lose your weight, it is a main option for your mind over a long time.

Let your brain define its own goals and have its own experiences.

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  1. Set measurable goals

This follows well from the previous point. When working with coaching clients, we always set specific, measurable goals.

By setting goals, you increase motivation and train your brain to focus only on specific, measurable things.

When we are making real progress towards our goals, it makes us much happier. We are motivated and inspired.

We all feel where we are in the present moment. The past is gone and the future is fine, the future.

At this moment, we feel that we are progressing, we have advanced a direction no. We can’t stop time. We can only make better use of our time.

If you are not satisfied with the progress you are making, start comparing with others, which can make you feel much worse and interrupt motivation in your tracks.

Use 90-day goals to increase motivation

So, think about what goals you want to achieve in the next 90 days. Ask yourself what is the meaning / objective behind each of the goals.

Write down the goals. Select specific measures in relation to each objective and visualization that the achievement of the objectives meant for completion in terms of personal progressive progression.




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