When it comes to motivational music, everyone likes something different. I know people who like to run for instrumental music, seemingly innocent friends who practice hardcore rap and people whose musical taste in “real” life doesn’t go with the music that inspires them to exercise.

Personally, I like a huge mix. For me, almost anything that is catchy and has a good beat will work. But sometimes, you need something better than that. Sometimes, you need motivation to get off the couch or go the extra mile, or do the heaviest lift or exercise in your first marathon. When you really need a boost, what you need is inspirational music.

Our editors and fitness experts have compiled a list – 128 songs to be exact – of songs with fast beats worth exercising, but also with motivational messages and lyrics.

It’s great to hear that when you find yourself at a crossroads or need an extra push. This list features everything from modern pop songs to old songs, country and rap songs, so you are certainly something that speaks to you. They all have a positive message that will elevate and inspire you to reach your maximum potential!
The links take you to amazon.com, where you can view or buy the mp3. You can also watch some YouTube videos for some of my favorite favorites, so you can hear it right now.

Tired of listening to the same workout songs playing on the radio repeatedly and appearing on all Spotify song lists on the rise? We heard you. That’s why we like training songs that take us to another moment, like those classic reminiscences that are worthy of any and all mix of training songs. (Do you want a playlist that can be pronounced? Go to a Spotify page of Shape to get something by touching RN.)

Download all of them or choose your favorites to be part of your current musical formation. Either way, you’ll be dancing from the first to the last drop of sweat. (And if none of this is right for you, try the list of reproduction of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or the list of intense reproduction of exercises, which will boost your weightlifting sessions.)

Working out is generally considered a physical activity, but a lot of mental exercise. It takes initiative to start a routine and tenacity to follow. To support you on both fronts, we have compiled a list of musicians with appropriate titles, big hooks that will keep you informed from start to finish.

The list starts with a track by the best-selling artist in the history of the X Factor and ends with an ode to relentless agitation. In the middle, you specify a rock song from the National Parks about running, a pop song by Katy Tiz on how to work and a NONONO indie / electronic track on how to increase your pulse.

In the same way that exercise tests your body, it challenges your mental design, both in willpower and determination. If you miss one of the departments, a collection of banners below will increase your intensification until your focus returns. Come in, put one on your existing playlist to move around, exchange some to keep moving, or bring the whole group together for an epic and motivational session.

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