You almost smell testosterone at the gym when men approach the gym. Some of them can be brought back to the playing field with an “I can get more than you” or “I can run faster than you” mentality. But showing up and being hurt is not the only mistake that men make. Oh no. There are many other fitness mistakes that men make inside and outside the gym.

No long-term goal

Everyone needs a goal. Whether losing a certain weight or running a certain race, we all need to look for things. So don’t go into a new hobby without knowing where you’re going. The reality is that you will lose interest and give up after a while because you have nothing to work with.

Men tend to be a little less organized in life in general, but don’t make that mistake when it comes to fitness, because if you do, your gym or professional association will end. short term.

Do the wrong workout

It’s easy to get carried away by the excitement of having a new hobby or practicing a new sport. Better yet, if you followed our advice and devised a plan with achievable goals. However, here is the problem: these goals are useless if they are unattainable.

Many people say they would love to run a marathon, but doing it is completely different. It doesn’t make sense to aim for that, if running is not for you. So be honest with yourself. Choose something you like and stick with it.

Focus on a single muscle group

Now come on. We all saw “that guy” on the beach. The guy who walks with huge biceps, a bulldog-shaped neck, concrete sit-ups and the thinnest legs you’ve ever seen. This kind of imbalance not only looks ridiculous, it also exposes you to injury. And it prevents men because the muscle groups in the legs are the inexhaustible source of the whole body.

Remember that a full body workout increases metabolism, increases muscle strength and allows anyone to go further with the workout. Whether lifting weights at the gym or walking the streets in search of a marathon or half marathon, be sure to give your body a complete physical treatment.

A strong core

Part of this full body workout is to ensure that you have a strong core. We are not talking about this in the emotional sense of ying and yang. No, we’re talking about steel crunches that not only look great on the beach, but also stabilize your entire athletic effort.

A strong core improves running, strength training and just about everything. Men generally ignore it because they love the idea of ??raising their arms, biceps and triceps, without realizing that the main job is essential to being a balanced athlete.

Neglect cardio

Regarding the previous point, most men yearn for the six pack to be defined as difficult. However, if you want a killer six pack, make sure you don’t skip the cardio sessions, as they will help you lose the layer of fat that is currently hiding your abdominal muscles. Do three to six aerobic exercises a week, dedicating 20 to 60 minutes per session to these exercises.

Another mistake that men make when it comes to their abs is making up for the time they spend exercising. A University of Arkansas study found that people who worked hard for short periods lost more belly fat in three months than those who worked less, but for longer. So if you’re committed to long sessions, consider reducing and getting more done in less time. Supersets or interval training are perfect exercises to try, if you want.

Quality not quantity

Again, there’s no use doing 100 squats if you don’t do it right. The same is true with road mileage. There is no point in traveling 10 km at the same slow pace if you are faster. Progression happens by trying a little harder each time.

Think about the quality of what you do, not the quantity. Tons of abdominal build-up can seem impressive, but at the end of the day, if done poorly, they just don’t make sense and can cause injuries and postural imbalance if done poorly and unfocused. the right areas.

Not having enough protein

If you don’t get enough protein, you’re making a serious diet mistake. Every man needs protein. In fact, men are recommended to eat 56 grams of protein a day, and the Institute of Medicine suggests that at least 10% of their daily calories come from protein sources.

Proteins are very important because they are responsible for maintaining and developing muscles. It also makes you feel fuller for longer. This means that you will also not be tempted to eat unhealthy food between meals and will need to eat less at mealtime. Meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese and nuts are great sources of protein. However, be careful, too much protein can negatively affect important parts of the body, such as the liver or kidneys, so you should follow the 56-gram recommendation.

Skip the red meat

Another diet mistake you make is skipping red meat completely. In the past few years, there has been a lot of bad press about red meat and many think it is a harmful option. However, red meat contains many nutrients and minerals that we need.

For example, red meat is rich in iron and, with new cutting techniques, it has been found that red meat is thinner than in the past. Although you shouldn’t eat a lot of red meat (the Global Cancer Research Fund has found that we shouldn’t be eating more than 500 g of red meat a week), a good steak or a fresh pork dish every now and then can. be good to you.

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