Nobody wants to be the weakest troop in your unit. Some people naturally have the ability to exercise muscles quickly, while others spend hours at the gym growing a single fiber.

In addition to natural ability, many newcomers to the gym do not know how to lift a weight properly or how many repetitions to do in each set.

In general, certain muscle groups are easier to build than others. A common problem area is the shoulders. Considered to be a weak joint, it is better to make a well-developed definition on the shoulder emphasizing the shape over the elevation.

There are many advanced exercises in the training vault, but beginners can do well with some of these basic weighted movements to get those healthy looking shoulders.

1. Seated bar press
Exercise allows you to use all three shoulder muscles at the same time. As an added bonus, this compound movement also trains your triceps. Sit down, pick up some weights that you are comfortable with and sit in a position with the weights raised to your ears, elbows bent at a 90 degree angle. Then push up.

Make sure not to lock your elbows at the top of the representative. This is bad for the joints and we want to avoid injury. Therefore, always keep a slight curve at the elbow. After the repetition, do not use gravity to lower the weights. Instead, use your shoulder muscles to slowly bring the weight back to its original position.

2. Push the card out
It doesn’t need a barbell, just a heavy plate that is heavy enough to challenge you. All you have to do is hold on to a weighted plate, usually pick it up around 9 and 3 am and keep it close to your chest. Then, extend your arms parallel to the deck and slowly bring it back.

3. Side elevations
You don’t need a lot of weight for a side lift; therefore, do not use this movement to impress girls or boys at the gym. Start by sitting or standing, keeping a viable weight in each hand beside your hips (by the hips). When you are ready to start the repetition, raise your hands up and away from your body on each side until your arms are parallel and slower.

4. Shrug your shoulders
Do you know when your first sergeant gives a bad order and you shrug your shoulders in silent, invisible protest? It’s the same, but this time you have a manageable weight in your hands.

5. Rear hang glider
Now it’s time to bend over and train the back shoulder muscles, also known as the posterior deltoid muscles. While using the same controllable weights, start in a static position, decrease the weight by rotating your thumbs down as if you are pouring Patron into a glass and slowly return to the starting position.

Understood? Good. Now go and do another eight to twelve, followed by two or three more sets.

Remember that control and form are everything when trying to build muscle.

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